All parts and accessories will be available on our website.  Announcements will be made on the site as well as Facebook and Instagram.

Sporting rifles LK M70 and LK M85 in all calibers are also made in versions suited for left-handed shooters.

Our CZ999 and Ez9 handguns are also ambidextrous.

Dimensions of the receiver allow the assembly of most commercially available mount. You can see the dimensions of the receiver here ( and choose the optical sight mount accordingly.

You can read about the history of Zastava Arms products at…

On our website we have the MSRP of our products listed.  For retail pricing please contact your local dealer.

For the ZPAP models Zastava uses a high quality cold hammer forged barrel that has a heavier profile than most AK rifles, therefore they meet and exceed the durability of lighter profile rifles with chrome lining.  As chrome lining is mainly for full auto use, the decision was made to not include it on the civilian versions of the rifles as it can be detrimental to accuracy as well.

If corrosion is a concern, please clean and oil the rifle before storing the rifle.  If you follow the maintenance manual your ZPAP will last a lifetime.

No, legally our designs can not be copies of another companies property. The CZ999 or EZ9 may look very similar to some of Sig Sauer’s pistols but that is where the similarities end.  Zastava’s CZ999 and EZ9 have the slide release and de-cocking lever combined into one, similar in function to a Walther design, where as the Sig has these two functions separated with their own levers. CZ999 and EZ9 also have fully ambidextrous controls standard.  And our barrels are cold hammer forged of high quality steel, the same material as our machine gun barrels.

CZ999 and EZ9 are as high quality as other pistols with the same features, for a lower cost.

Yes, the M91 rifle comes with the scope specifically designed to mount on the side rail of the rifle.  The owners manual goes into detail on the use and operation of the scope as well.