DRNCH is highly penetrating synthetic liquid intended for field application to satisfy the complete need of cleaning, lubricating, and short term preservation of firearms.
DRNCH facilitates the effective removal of firing residues, gums and other contaminants from firearm components while providing lubrication and short term preservation for reliable operation.

It is suitable for maintenance of:
Black-powder firearms
Alarm pistols
Camping, fishing and sporting equipment

Flip up spray nozzle for easy storage
Usable at very low temperatures
Provides protection against corrosion
Used by Zastava Oruzje Factory and Zastava Arms USA

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“Deterdžentski Rastvarač Naslaga Čađi”or abbreviated DRNC. An ingenious invention of the chemical industry of the late Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia SFRJ and its cousin Yugoslav People’s Army JNA, and serves to clean tarnished weapons.
Due to the secrecy of the composition of Drnch, JNA soldiers mockingly called the military food DRNCH because they were not sure what it consisted of.
The DRNCH was an integral part of military equipment and very often saved JNA soldiers from penal servitude because if the officers noticed that the rifle was dirty, punishments such as doing push-ups, digging trenches, squats, etc. would follow.
The DRNCH formula has been improved and today it is used as a lubricant and cleaner for all weapons produced at the Zastava Oruzje factory, and it is also used by Zastava Arms USA in the 922r compliance process.

-Lubricates, cleans, conditions, protects
-Removes powder, dirt, metal fouling from bores
-Protects firearms from humidity and corrosion in the field (up to 9 months)
-Protects firearms during a long term indoor storage and it does not resinify
-Lubricates moving parts
-Does not contain silicone, PTFE or chlorinated solvents
-Provides water displacing and fingerprint removal
-Resists freezing
-Reduces operating temperature
-Safe on all metal, wood and plastic surfaces

Store in a closed space intended for the storage of flammable materials. Do not store at elevated temperatures, nor in places exposed to direct sunlight, nor at temperatures below 5°C.


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