ZPAPM70 ZR7762XR Semi-automatic Sporting Rifle

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The semi-automatic ZPAPM70 series sporting rifle was created on the operating principle of the M70 automatic rifle. Over the decades, Zastava has produced millions of these durable rifles as the official weapon of many armies all over the world. Capable of functioning in all environments, its lightweight, rugged, reliable, no-nonsense features make the ZPAPM70 an excellent excellent addition to your hunting and sporting rifle collection.

Zastava ZR7762XR: Here is the latest offering from Zastava. This rifle is absolutely packed with features and new hardware! It has a Zhukov-S folding stock, MOE grip, and an extended full-length, custom Zastava handguard. That is just the beginning, though. This rifle already comes equipped with a side rail and saddle type rail system that has a quick release and an additional rail section mounted at 45 degrees so that you can mount an optic and an additional accessory of your choice and remove both in an instant. Even without an optic, this rifle includes standard AK iron sights that allow quick adjustment of range out to 1000 Meters. The handguard has a full rail for additional accessories and is MLOK compatible! The safety lever has a notch for bolt hold open, and it incorporates a flash hider and this rifle includes a single 30 round Magpul magazine.

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7.62 x 39mm
Semi automatic gas operated system
Double stack bolt
1.5mm bulged trunnion receiver
Cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel
30 round detachable magazine
Bolt hold open notch on safety selector
Adjustable front & rear iron sights
35″ overall length
16.3″ barrel length
Extended handguard ,Scope Mount, Zhukov folding stock


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